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City Sleek

Your sharp 'do turns heads on any street. Go ahead, own it!

Urban Sleek

Your 'do is ready for anything the world has in store for it. Get it!

Smooth Grooves

Those strands have body and bounce, shake that smooth thing!

Smooth Streak

You're on the straight path to the win with that smooth 'do

Straight of the Art

Your strong strands are headlining as the mane attraction!

Straight Talk

Let's get straight to it, that sleek silhouette is not messing around!


Wave of Sunshine

Your waves are easy breezy. Keep spreading those sunny vibes!

Beach Chic

Embrace that beach chic vibe and rock those surfer waves.

Hang Loose

You like to go with the flow and your loose waves keep it cool.

Weekend Waves

Wild or chill, your waves are what the weekend was made for.

Tidal Babe

Soak in the soft breeze and work those waves for days.

Shore Thing

One thing's for sure, your beautiful boho waves have it goin' on.


In the Loop

Your curls are ahead of the curve with their own unique twist.

Curve Appeal

Those soft & bouncy curls turn heads and get noticed.

Uptown Twirl

Best tressed hair around! Your curls never let you down.

It Curl

Your locks have charisma-go on with your bouncy self!

A-List Twist

Night or day, your curls are ready to hit the town.

Spiral Crush

All day every day, your curls are tight and totally loveable.


Carefree Coils

You love to coil up and keep those tresses chill.

Karma Curl

Those healthy coils have inner strength and serenity. Namaste!

All Natural

You do you, let those natural coils shine.

Play It Coil

Go ahead and unwind, your coils never mind.

Just For Kinks

Those coils are going with the flow and loving every minute.

Kink It Low Key

No need to keep it on the down low, your coils are the coolest.